Our Conference Speaker, Mark Trotter, is a much sough-after speaker who is passionate about the Word of God.

His dynamic teaching keeps you on the edge of your seat and his love for the Lord is contagious! You can come straight from work and we will have a meal ready for you. We will also have childcare available.

Please call the church office at 256.974.3491 if you have any questions.

This Conference is for you if you want to:

Grow in the Lord
Deepen your understanding and increase your discernment in the Word
Learn to rightly divide the Scriptures
Ready to have the Word change your life. 

Or…this Conference is for you if: 

You feel inadequate when reading your Bible
You need someone to help explain what you read
You think you’re missing a bigger, deeper message

Sunday, May 5
10:50 AM Service
5:00 PM Meal
6:00 PM Service
Monday – Wednesday
5:30 PM Meal
6:30 PM Service