Our Story

How it all started...

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church was established October 15, 1856, approximately six miles south of Moulton. In 1896 a church building was erected close to the location of the present facilities among a grove of trees. Due to wind damage, the church building had to be supported by cedar logs, and the building became known as the "propped-up church." This church was designed in the same fashion as most during this time period with two front doors. The men entered the right side door, while the ladies and children entered the left side door. Seating was arranged in the same manner. After World War II, married couples started sitting together during the services.

A new brick building was constructed in 1937, utilizing some of the lumber from the old church. A baptistery was added in 1952. Further construction resulted in a new education building in 1961 and a fellowship hall dedicated to David Burks in 1964. This was a memorial to the son of two members of the church, Woodrow and Helen Burks.
In 1971 another auditorium was built. Today this facility houses the church offices and a classroom.
Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit and Brother Jackie Shelton, the church underwent many construction projects. These included a Family Life Center (1987), new auditorium (1995), and education building (2002). The new education building houses a welcome center, youth areas, parlor, children's classrooms, and nurseries. It was during this time that the new offices were built. The education building was named "The Jackie R. Shelton Education Center" in honor of his 24 years of service at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. In January 2011 the auditorium was upgraded with the implementation of a new projection system. Announcements, words to the songs, and Bible scripture are now projected during the service.

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church is in cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention locally, statewide, and nationally through representation and giving of gifts.